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Section summary for Nutrient Film Technique (NFT).

The NFT pages detail the management and growing techniques used
in managing a NFT system.

  • General Features of All systems
  • Nutrient Uptake by Tomatoes in an NFT system

  • A Trial NFT system
  • Layout of the Trial System
  • Water Supply
  • Solution Heating
  • Operation of the System
  • The Learning Experience

  • Propagating Plants Suitable for an NFT system
  • Media
  • Nutrition
  • Pricking Out
  • Pots to use
  • A General Purpose Potting Mix

  • Start up Procedure
  • Preplanting Rinse
  • Planting out.
  • Intermittent Flow
  • Solution management with continuous flow
  • Solution temperature

  • Routine for System Quality Checks
  • Daily System Data Checks
  • Checks for the NFT & greenhouse systems
  • Daily checks
  • Once weekly detailed crop check

  • Solution Management and Record Keeping
  • Benefits of accurate records
  • Information to collect
  • Basic guidelines for solution nutrient levels for a tomato NFT crop

  • Making Stock Solutions
  • Methodology
  • Equipment required
  • Checklist for when making feed stock solutions

  • Clean Water Supplies for Hydroponics
  • Treatment of Raw Water
  • UV or Ozone possible set up
  • Precautions & Discussion
  • Water Quality Guidelines

  • Dumping Procedures
  • The requirements for dumping
  • Dumping procedure
  • Adjustments to the nutrient solution

  • Root Diseases in NFT systems
  • The nature of the diseases.
  • Disease severity and potential affect on plant thrift.
  • Sources of infection in NFT systems
  • Host-Disease Interaction
  • Biological control
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