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Section summary for Media Based Hydroponic Systems

  • Clean Water Supplies for Hydroponics
    • Treatment of Raw Water
    • UV or Ozone possible set up
    • Precautions & Discussion
    • Water Quality Guidelines

    • Trickle Clean
      Preplanting Rinse
    • Making Stock Solutions
      • Methodology
      • Equipment required
      • Checklist for when making feed stock solutions
    • Routine Just Prior to Planting
    • Post Plant Management
    • Daily System Checks
      • Morning Checks
      • Afternoon Checks
      • Daily Checks

    • Media Sampling Routine to Measure media CF

    • Root Diseases in Hydroponic systems
      • The nature of the diseases.
      • Disease severity and potential affect on plant thrift.
      • Host-Disease Interaction
      • Other control methods
      • Biological control

    • Nutrient Uptake by Tomatoes Grown in a Media System
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