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Plant Propagation
Water Quality
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Pre-plant Routine
Post-plant routine
Quality Control
Media Sampling
Root Disease
Nutrient Levels
Nutrient Uptake
Greenhouse management Tomato crop management Management of alternative greenhouse food crops. Crop Nutrition

Growing vegetables in Soilless Media.

Arranged in Sections
  • Run-to-waste or recirculate, open or closed systems
  • Section One
  •  	Introduction to Media Growing 
    		Advantages and disadvantages of NFT and bag systems. 
            	Commercial use of Soilless Culture for Tomatoes in New Zealand
    		History of Soilless Culture
    		Practical Aspects of changing to Soilless Culture 
    		Technical Comparisons S
    		Nutrient Discharge to the Environment
    		Change in relation to research and technical support
    Section Two -A

    	The Planter Bag Run to Waste System
    		Greenhouse Preparation
    		Row directions and planting layouts
    		Water analysis
    		Distribution mains
    	Assembly and use of microtube irrigation schemes
    		Purchasing components
    		Cutting microtubes to length
    		Header pipe
    		Lateral take-offs 
    		Lateral pipes
    		Inserting microtubes into the lateral pipes
    		Fit a pressure indicator
    		Flush out before use
    		Using microtube trickle systems
    		Design Specifications
    Section Two -B 
                  Disease risk in closed runoff recycling systems
                  Runoff collection system
                  Simple closed system
                  Simple system with automatic pH and conductivity control
                  System with fertiliser mixing pumps
                  Closed systems with runoff solution disinfection
    Section Three 
    	Propagating Plants Suitable for a  Media system
    		Pricking Out
    		Pots to use
    		A General Purpose Potting Mix
    Section Four
      	Clean Water Supplies for Hydroponics
    		Treatment of Raw Water
    		UV or Ozone possible set up
    		Precautions & Discussion 
    Section Five
      	Making Stock Solutions
    		The acid solution
    		Equipment required
    		Weighing and checking procedures. 
    		Fertiliser quality for hydroponic solutions
    		Dissolving the fertilisers
    		Making the acid solution
     		The caustic potash solution
    Section Six
      	Procedure prior to planting
      	 	Greenhouse Clean and Trickle irrigation clean and check.
    	 	Preparation for planting.
    Section Seven
      	Immediate Post Planting Care... 
    		Automatic watering using a solarimeter.
    		Liquid feeding
    Section Eight
      	Daily System Checks 
    		Morning Checks
    		Afternoon Checks
    		Daily Checks
    		IPM Checks
    Section Nine
      	Media Sampling Routine to Measure CF
    Section Ten
      	Root Diseases in Hydroponic systems
    		The nature of the diseases.
    		Sources of infection in NFT systems
    		Host-Disease Interaction
    		Effects of fungicides on Pythium and Phytophthora
    		Other control methods
    Section Eleven
      	 Nutrient Levels and behaviour in a system.
    Section Twelve
      	Discussion and Conclusions concerning Soilless Culture

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