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Trial System
Plant Propagation
Start Procedure
Daily Routine
System Management
Stock Solutions
Water Supplies
System Dumping
Root Disease
Nutrient Uptake
Soilless Culture System Management Greenhouse management Tomato crop management Management of alternative greenhouse food crops. Crop Nutrition

NFT System Management

Section One
            	Introduction to the NFT System
     		General Features of All systems
Section Two
 	Design Essentials
		gullies in which the plants grow,
		collecting system  
		sump or reservoir 
		pumps and associated headworks piping
		fresh water supply
		nutrient stock solution tanks
		nutrient solution distribution system 
Section Three
	A Trial NFT system
		Layout of the Trial System
		Water Supply
		Solution Heating
		Operation of the System
		The Learning Experience 
Section Four
	Propagating Plants Suitable for an NFT system
		Pricking Out
		Pots to use
		A General Purpose Potting Mix 
Section Five
  	 Start up Procedure
		Preplanting Rinse
		Planting out.
		Making up the initial NFT solution.
		Intermittent Flow
		Solution management with continuous flow
		Solution temperature 
Section Six
  	Routine for System Quality Checks 
       		Morning checks when starting work
		Afternoon check before finishing work
		Once weekly detailed crop check 
		IPM checks 
Section Seven
  	Solution Management and Record Keeping
		Benefits of accurate records
		Information to collect
		Basic guidelines for solution nutrient levels for a tomato NFT crop
Section Eight
  	Making Stock Solutions
		The acid solution
		Equipment required
		Weighing and checking procedures. 
		Fertiliser quality for hydroponic solutions
		Dissolving the fertilisers
		Making the acid solution
 		The caustic potash solution
Section Nine
  	Clean Water Supplies for Hydroponics
		Treatment of Raw Water
		UV or Ozone possible set up
		Precautions & Discussion
Section Ten
  	Dumping Procedures
		The requirements for dumping
		Dumping procedure
		Refilling procedure
		Adjustments to the nutrient solution 
		Data for NFT sample advice notes
Section Eleven
  	        Disease in Hydroponic Systems
		The nature of the diseases.
		Sources of infection in NFT systems
		Host-Disease Interaction
		Effects of fungicides on Pythium and Phytophthora
		Other control methods
Section Twelve
  	Nutrient Uptake by Tomatoes Grown in a NFT System 

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